Sustainable manufacturer and supplier of ground reinforcement and drainage products.

We support contractors and developers with all kinds of projects, commercial and residential, providing high quality, sustainable materials made by IBRAN or sourced from sustainable partners. 


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Industry leading reputation.

We've many years of experience manufacturing and supplying customers all over the UK and beyond, giving us a brand and reputation that will boost your sales.

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High volume product for builders merchants

Upcoming and ongoing projects requiring sustainable drainage (SuDS) solutions.

Sustainable manufacturer for sustainable construction

How you can meet your sustainability targets.

Supply chain improvement for Builders Merchants

How we can improve your supply chains of using our products.

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Let's create a greener industry together.

IBRAN is a leading UK manufacturer, turning waste materials into long-lasting, quality materials your project can depend upon.

As part of the IBRAN group of companies, we are already heavily invested in maintaining continuity of supply, quality and sustainability. This is evident in the number of partnerships we have in place with contractors and developers across the UK.

With a growing demand for environmentally-friendly products, partnering with IBRAN can help you expand your sustainable offerings, helping to elevate your projects' credentials, while increasing your bottom line.